#DamnThePan Network

BakesterBox is part of #DamnThePan, a network of small business all set up during or just before the pandemic. It aims to connecting small business owners together to support, guide and share their experiences with each other.
The network includes a range of small business specialising in everything from fine art, homewares, gifts and wellbeing:
Alba Amicorum - www.albaamicorum.com
Geraldine London - www.geraldinelondon.com
Clarity Candles - www.claritycandles.co.uk
Details by Rafeaella - www.detailsbyraffaella.com
Emma O’Dea Art - @emmaodea_art
Endowery - www.endowery.com
GustDraws - @gustdraws
NeveNurition - www.nevenutrition.co.uk
TableTribe - www.tabletribe.co.uk
Tea in the Moment - www.teainthemoment.co.uk
Check out the full details HERE